Tidy Up Tuesday #30

A message to our followers:

Please don’t automatically feel guilty about liking media with gratuitous sexy stuff (like, say, bikini armors) in it. Just openly acknowledge it has problems and do not excuse them, even if they supposedly “make sense” in-universe. Also, please be respectful and understanding to those people for whom these problems are deal breakers of enjoyment.

As for the issue of whether or not to financially support problematic media, that’s always an individual choice that everyone should make for themselves.
Though in special cases of terribadness, we may speak up and advice against a product.

Quick reminder that while BABD is in total support of Magic Meat Week, we are not behind it, thus we can not provide legit information about it. The initiative was created by @amanda-sharpe and organized by @heymonster who runs the official @magicmeatweek blog.

BABD-related news:

Things we had before on BABD:

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