Garbage Games Rhetoric Bingo



As in, rhetoric about games that is garbage, not rhetoric about garbage games. (But possibly also that.)

Obviously inspired (and based off of with permission from the lovely Ozzie) by @bikiniarmorbattledamage​, here is a bingo of terrible arguments against social justice style critiques of video games. I am clearly not an artist; if you want to pretty this up, go ahead, that would be super cool.

You can use this to your heart’s content for dealing with inane arguments.

Below the cut, a breakdown of the squares and why they’re wrong.

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Inspired by Bikini Armor Battle Damage’s Female Armor Rhetoric Bingo, we present to you a special extra related bingo card this week, @feministgamingmatters ’s Garbage Games Rhetoric Bingo.

Fun for the whole family to play pretty much any time any major franchise receives even the slightest call out, critique or makes an independent effort to try to appeal to more people.

– wincenworks

(Edit: My apologies for originally tagging the wrong blog, this is why you shouldn’t prep blog posts at 1am!)