ghostarin submitted:

So apparently she’s supposed to be killing a beast or something – and here I thought she was posing for playboy!

You know, without you telling me that she’s killing a beast, I would never have noticed that sword and that that’s what’s going on.  I think she’s just posing on a giant jelly donut as a cover shoot for Donuts Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition.

Oh J. Scott Campbell… This is so you.

And while basically no artist can (or at least want

to) portray Dejah Thoris as something else than borderline porn pinup, this particular cover has that special J. Scott flavor of being plastic-y and completely unconvincing either as a depiction of a victorious hero or as a pinup. 

Skipping over the bad anatomy, this might be conversely the least plausible and laziest outfit for Dejah that I’ve seen (which in itself is an implausible achievement):


I don’t think I ever marked “How does it attach?!” any harder in all twelve months the square was around. I assume the sash-thing clings to her skin only by the power of strong will… Also circled “Looks nothing like the male equivalent”, cause there isn’t a single official depiction of John Carter wearing something even close to this ludicrous (he’s usually drawn as Conan of Mars… kneeling women clutching to him included).


Also, here’s a reminder that to keep it faithful to the books, both of them should be butt naked… which would be an improvement for one of them.