Tidy Up Tuesday #28

Big tidy up this week, it’s been an exciting seven days!

For those who had queries regarding the racial representation issues: Given both admins are super white, we strongly recommend that you consider looking at and supporting resources by people of color on the topic such as:

Regarding boobs and armor, we’ve covered this before in a few places but it’s probably worth stressing a few points.  From a practical perspective: Armor should never be tight, especially not hard armor like plate. Armor should be roomy enough for you to move in, and have space for padding, dents, etc, and that means it’ll be roomy enough for ample breast support.

If you’re looking for  inspiration, we recommend checking the positive examples tag – you never know what might give you great ideas.  However since someone asks, some of our favorite examples from science fiction are Captain Phasma, the soldiers of XCom, Sharpnel by OmeN2501 and Gloria – sci-fi Jeanne d’Arc by Nicolas Francoeur.

If you’re looking for the worst of the worst, well we recommend checking out the Female Armor Bingo tag – it really depends on how do you want to rate it?

The horrifying thing about female armor design is there are so many ways to the be the worst, and people are always working to pioneer new ones.

A few topics we’ve covered before:

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