Female Armor Bingo ver 1.2!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Today marks BABD’s 3rd year and Female Armor Bingo’s 2nd. 

And as last year, the bingo gets a minor update: slight rewording here and there, lettering adjustments + a new square in place of old “No underwear”, which we felt was redundant to “No padding, just bare skin” (formerly “Metal worn on bare skin”).

Introducing: Chafing nightmare (courtesy of @wincenworks)

A composition of armor that would cause unhealthy friction on the wearer whether it be chainmail molded to the buttocks, moving metal plates (or their straps) resting directly on exposed skin or skin tight “hardened” leather.

I believe this one will get lots of hits, due to its broad appeal, as also will highlight one of the most scary answers to the question “What if bikini armor was real?”.