“Legends” Football League

Glitchy submitted:

First of all, this is real.  The “Legends (formerly “Lingerie”) Football League” is an actual all women football league.  Sadly, these are the uniforms.


From here.

I understand there is a lot of turnover due to injury.  Can’t imagine why. </sarcasm>

Anyhoo.. I decided to Bingo it.


I wasn’t sure how to call a few of them.  The “No underwear” call was because it IS basically underwear.  The sock things are thigh high, but do they count as boots?  Considering there is a New England team and (I think) a Canadian branch, cold climate got a tick.  As for “More metal used on boots/gauntlets…” do shoulderpads count in this category? There’s probably more material there than on the main body.

Lingerie Football would qualify for some allowance for being sex work, if they paid the players (and paid them appropriate to the work and the risks) and ensured their safety.  Instead it’s really just unsafe exploitation with a pay-per-view TV deal.

It’s horrifying that we live in a society where this is “the” high profile women’s football and that it’s continuing on even after we had a major motion picture released about the discovery that football is actually even more dangerous than it looks.

Outdoor contact sports are definitely a situation where even a light amount of protection can go a long way and frankly if you want to see women in lingerie there are safer and better ways to do it, rather than pretend it is in some way related to love of a sport and hence not about ogling.

– wincenworks