Benimaru Nikaido disempowered

@puppyinatophat submitted:

So I noticed you guys discussed King of Fighters XIV’s latest trailers and there was something that I feel you missed in your discussion.

Benimaru’s design change. They had a perfectly “empowered” character, and they take that away from him.

This was his pre XIV design (in game shots too):


(KOF 94)


(KOF 2000)



And now this is look in the latest game:


How could they? Taking away his empowerment like that? Expecting a man to fight in simple street clothes when he could be showing off his intimidating abs.

(Also, for those wondering about his hair, he has electricity powers and keeps hair out of his eyes by using static electricity to push it up. He’s also a very very inspired by the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure character Polnareff.)

(Trailer showing Benimaru in King of Fighters XIV here

I would like to call for a solemn moment of silence, for this poor soul so had his empowerment stripped of him. (If you would like to press F to pay your respects, I’ve checked and it’s not a Tumblr hotkey so you’re safe to do.)

Benimaru, you are being failed by the people who should have been there to protect you.  I’m so sorry.

Benimaru has all the traits of someone who should have been protected.  He’s a fighting game character (not Street Fighter but still), he’s got fabulous hair, delicious abs and a love of teasingly revealing outfits.  But, when the time came where were the “creative freedom” crowds?  Who came forward to speak on this Benimaru’s behalf to speak of this fictional character’s important personal preferences?


No one.  Benimaru was counting on these people to protect him (or would have if he wasn’t a fictional character).  His empowerment has been stripped away without so much as a word of complaint by The Guardians.

– wincenworks