What the blithering fuck is this?


@nightbringer24 just put together a post on companies that make bits that are suitable for WH40k conversions. This is an outstanding post, and I’ve bought stuff from about half of the companies listed, expressly for the intention of converting 40k stuff. Good stuff!

I started poking through the various links, ‘cause hey, shiny new almost!40k minis, what’s not to like?

My god.

So, Wargamer Exclusive offers minis of the Sisters of Battle. I love the Sororitas, and was curious what they’d have. Oh, look! They have a Sororitas with two chainswords! This’ll be badass!

As it turns out, asses are involved. Just not in the way I’d hoped.

Sororitas Battle Sister With Two Chainsaw-Swords 28MM

That’s not a Repenta. I checked. That’s being sold as a standard Sister of Battle.

I respectfully submit two observations.

1. That is not a Sister of Battle. That is Slaaneshi cultist, dressing up as a SoB, either for giggles, or in an attempt to infiltrate the ranks of the actual Sororitas.

2. She’s not wearing pants. That’s an anal hook. The Daughters of the Emperor do not wear anal hooks as part of their standard wargear and I cannot fucking believe I just typed that sentence.

So, ladies and gentlemen – what the everloving fuck is this?

Apparently someone out there has even less understanding for Sisters of Battle than Game Workshop does… That’s a new record.


Also apparently someone who hasn’t had the talk about when it is and isn’t appropriate to share your kinks.

– wincenworks