@radiant-glory submitted:

I got this game “Stella Glow” recently and, while it’s not bad, Hilda (pictured) has a costume that bothers me.  She wears this outfit anytime- in battle or out, so I guess it counts as armour? Either way, it’s ridiculous…

In the game, there are witches (like Hilda) who can cast magic by singing. While witches are singing, they are completely defenseless- after all, they’re focusing on the song. So it makes no sense at all to wear such useless armour- she could easily get stabbed in the stomach. Or anywhere else, really.

 As for the bingo, hearts are there for the ones I’m more sure of, and stars are there for the ones I’m not so sure of. For example, the thigh-high boots. Her boots end below her knees but she has socks(?) that go to her thighs. For covers only nipples and genitals on torso, it also covers her sides? But her stomach is completely exposed. And bared back is more of a technicality- her hair and a cape (I think?) covers her back but neither of that will protect you. 

Depending on what you think, she could have a bingo. Either way, she’s not fit for battle.

Yup, while no mildly sane person would ever consider that to be armor – that she’ll voluntarily wear it into battle makes it armor as far as the bingo is concerned.  Particularly given her, shall we say… confrontational nature?


I wouldn’t normally count those as thigh highs, since they appear to be stockings (and are presumably held up with superglue), but nipples and genitalia definitely applies since that seems to be the only parts prioritized in cover with that outfit.  Bared-back… well the nano-seconds it’s on display it’s unclear.

Perhaps the nicest thing that can be said is that if she runs around in an outfit like this – it’s no wonder she has to try so hard to get people to take her seriously.

– wincenworks