Frank Miller Strikes Again

Glitchy submitted:

From “The Dark Knight III, the Master Race” issue 2. Spotted here


Wonder Woman’s top… good lord that top… 

While I can’t even figure out how those straps are supposed to work, they are surprisingly not used to hold on her breastplate, but rather the baby on her back.  The breastplate is being held on by such tiny threads, they don’t even show up in this shot.

You can see them here though.


Not that they help much. 

[weary sigh]

Continuing with the theme of creators who spend a lot of time looking at lingerie catalogs and learning the wrong lessons.  Now, technically the art for this comic is done by Eduardo Risso, but I think it’s safe to blame Frank Miller for this concept given that while Risso does tend to heavily sexualise his female characters, his previous Wonder Woman art was nowhere near this bad.


And this case it appears that DC Comics realized in advance who ridiculous this costume was and tried to conceal it’s true nature on the cover:


Another company might have simply decided the costume was ridiculous when the concept was proposed and had them create a more viable alternative.

– wincenworks