zackcandraw submitted:

Games have come a long and hard way

It’s like looking back at the 1950’s vision of the future only it’s the late 1990s and more embarrassing….

The sad part is a lot of advertising for games, especially stuff like Wartune and Evony, still goes for this tactic, so maybe we haven’t come so far.

How does any of that stay on anyway. -_o

“Stare at cute, semi-naked chicks that aren’t real!”

“Cute” isn’t a word I’d use… Apparently games are all about staring, not playing, at least since the late 90s? That would actually explain a lot, not gonna lie.

This ad is essential example of being insulting AND pandering to the customer at the same time. Let me translate from Dudebro to English:

“Be a gamer, because you have no imagination! But if you had one, all you’d imagine would be unreasonably proportioned ladies who make porn faces and wear only golden flakes glued to their nipples! Buy our magazine.”

Also, as an EscherGirls commenter points out, the high-poly image on the right is so totally representative of in-game graphics for 1998, just in the same way as pixels on the right are for 1984.


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