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Blade and Soul screenshots. :’) Boobs don’t even work like that.

Recently, I downloaded Blade and Soul, and in the Race select i was baffled by the extreme hypersexualization of the Gon race and a race solely for women, with nothing but latex outfits, short skirts, and in two words, BOOB PHYSICS.

I got so frustrated I emailed them asking, and I cant believe I had to ASK THIS, if they could stop making the females look more like sexual objects then like characters who are there, in the game, FOR BATTLE!!! 

I am so frustrated I want to lay down and cry :’)

This is sadly predictable coming from the publishers of Lineage and Aion.

I had a quick look at their site and found their screenshot to promote “The Gon” race:


While the gentleman does seem to have a certain amount of empowerment, I’m kind of amazed that the lady apparently oils herself up just in case you didn’t notice how much skin she’s showing.

– wincenworks