So, Street Fighter 5′s beta was found to have some additional costumes in it – with no official word from Capcom on whether they’re be available or not in the game.  Since they’re not even confirmed for the official game, it’s hard to tell whether they’ll be alternative costumes, unlockable rewards or scrapped before final release.

What is clear is that whoever designed Laura’s alternative outfit did so with no regard for how her body works.

There’s also (less contraversially) a police uniform (with pants!) for Chun Li (as well as a glued on version of her black dress).


(A giftset of her in action is available here)

An alternative outfit for Rainbow Mika, and I honestly have no idea what they were hoping to accomplish here (but Zangief got one as well):


And an “Officer Cammy” outfit that looks practical in front..


But of course she forgot her pants:


Since these aren’t officially released by Capcom yet, but discovered through reverse-engineering the beta, so information is very limited.  However since the models are all polished and finished, it seems clear that at some point someone thought these were a great idea at least up until the saw the final product.

– wincenworks

(h/t: @mewmewheart)