On the subject of armors appropriate for the cold climate, let’s have a look at LoL’s Sejuani, pre- and post-redesign.

We do (and will continue to) have reservations about the portrayal of women in League of Legends, but it would be unfair to overlook Riot’s first big token of answering audience feedback: turning Sejuani from a bikini-armored warrior woman riding an arctic beast to a boobplate-armored warrior woman riding arctic beast. 

Obviously, we do take issue with the new design, particularly its boobplate, lack of any sort of protection for the neck and a waist so small that it suggests nothing’s underneath, but the noticable bingo score reduction speaks for itself. It was an improvement, even if questionable.

And now, seeing as they introduced Illaoi, we truly hope League of Legends gets continuously better with their female characters.