Blue Mary (Fatal Fury, King of Fighters)

Morrigan submitted:

So this is her original design in Fatal Fury 3:


And this is her design in The King of Fighters XI (2006/2007):


Other than the silly extra belt (lol why), it’s an otherwise really decent outfit for a fighter woman, and it looks cool too.

But now behold true horror, her design in KoF: Maximum Impact Regulation A (2007):


In-game model:


I… can’t. I just can’t. There is so much wrong with everything in the design, absurd goofy hair and pigeon toed pose being the least of the problems. WTF?

Poor Mary…

Now, for further context – one of the other main characters in Fatal Fury 3 was Mai Shiranui.  So, rather predictably – Mary was also given a painful boob bounce animation:


So I’m pretty sure if she was meant to be a T&A fest she wouldn’t have been issued with pants, a sentimental leather jacket and a motorcycle:


How they went from this to well… some sort of 80s nightmare soft-core porn tragedy outfit for her is truly a great mystery, particularly since they only made this change one year after the previous game.

And the saddest part is, that may well have been Blue Mary’s last appearance since we haven’t seen any new King of Fighters games and was apparently so embarrassing that SNK’s own site doesn’t want to talk about it. (No seriously)

Let this be a warning to all creators.

– wincenworks