So Bayonetta is coming to Super Smash Bros, and And it has been noted that her footwear looks remarkably similar to that of someone we’ve kind of talked about a little on this blog.  We even reblogged a comic about that is disturbingly similar to this whole situation.

Also since the copyright stamp on the announcement video was for 2014, suggesting that her announcement was intended around the time of the Samus shoe controversy but delayed for reasons unknown.

Hilariously the response to announcement of Bayonetta joining Smash from brodudes to this news was to rush out and create fake petition (full of anti-sex worker slurs) and try to blame it on SJWs (while only anti-SJW sites promoted it).  The petition has since come down off – I guess it’s finally occurred to them how silly other petitions looked.  

Still hasn’t occurred to them yet that we’re okay with people enjoying problematic things or that there’s a time and a place for sexy. Actually a lot of time and places, off battlefields.

That and well, if they’d just gone ahead and included Bayonetta as their sexy Super Smash Bros pinup girl from the start, and not gone through with all the “Samus needs rocket boots to compete with the boys” or “a female designer was involved so no sexism!” (sound familiar?).

– wincenworks

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