Tidy Up Tuesday #17

We would like to kindly remind all our fans and readers that BABD (as well as many of its related blogs, especially @eschergirls) focuses on criticizing commercial artwork made by industry professionals.

We encourage everyone interested in doing similar critique to ours to not bash on amateur/hobbyist/fan content

For-profit indie projects, though, while they’re not as mainstream as AAA studios, are not free from criticism.

It appears Ubisoft has recognized the awesome of Evie Frye and the first Assassin’s Creed Syndicate DLC focuses on her going up against Jack the Ripper.

The fact that some archers use asymmetrical breast straps and that mythical Amazons (supposedly!) cut off one breast for better aim with the bow, doesn’t really change how badly designed is Phoebe’s half-boobplate in Indivisible!



second image’s source [x]

Other buff warrior ladies who we were glad to cover on BABD:

– wincenworks & ~Ozzie