Up to $32 off on Female Armor Bingo home deco items + FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

So it turns out pre-Holidays promos are still running rampant on society6, but I didn’t have time to update you guys on them till now.

That said, today’s a huge home deco sale, which prompted me to add WALL CLOCKS to Female Armor Bingo merchandise! Now you can measure your time in female armor tropes or justifications

12/11 – 24 HR ONLY

  • Up to $20 Off Tapestries
  • Up to $32 Off Duvets
  • $20 Off Shower Curtains
  • $10 Off Clocks

Free Worldwide Shipping on Everything (excludes canvas and framed prints)

  • Starts at 12/11 at 12:00am PT
  • Ends at 12/11 at 11:59pm PT

Or otherwise, since Thong o’clock to “This outfit is normal to her culture/climate!” o’clock 😉

More promos to follow. Tomorrow? Throw blankets and pillows.