I think it’s very telling about the brand that they’ve chose to put “Grimm Fairy Tales” in letters so tiny that it’s almost illegible while putting (totally-not-Zatana and totally-not-Vampirella) Hellsing on the middle of the cover with a googles she can’t put down over her eyes and a crossbow that has… random accessories?

And of course short shorts and an aggressively boring cincher that most certainly does not have anything to do with the Victorian era.

Seriously – I know that Steampunk is so hot right now… but does nobody in charge of these products even know how to Google?

– wincenworks

Van Helsing as a woman? Huh, that might be interest… Oh.

Until someone puts even minimal effort of making Victorian female characters look like, well, Victorian characters first, I think the sexy historically-inaccurate Van Hellsing I’ll stick to will be Hugh Jackman.