Tidy-Up Tuesday #15

When submitting a post and/or messaging us, please be considerate of the volume of our inbox and refrain from sending us multiple messages and/or submissions in a row. They are really hard to manage and scroll through. 

If possible, put everything in a single post/message. That includes additional images (which should be inserted in the post’s text body).

Also, PLEASE do not forget to include sources to whatever you’re submitting/recommending for a BABD post.

We are aware that many games which use questionable attire in their imagery have better armor in game, but we’re still not okay with that and we also know who’s generally to blame.

History (and even present day) has many quirks and examples of a lot of things, however when we talk about historical concepts we have to paint them with a broad brush in order to keep it concise enough to be useful.

Queries we got recently that were on BABD before:

~Ozzie & – wincenworks