Tidy Up Tuesday #14

This week tidying-up:

Many readers noted us  that artwork Sword of Chaos uses in their online banners is fanart (for Legend of Zelda and Card Captor Sakura, in this case) stolen from a popular artist, @sakimichan.

Yes, SoC is that shameless.

A reminder: just because something appears on our blog (therefore we consider it worth criticizing), it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it.

Hell, acknowledging problems in things that we are fans of enriches the experience.

As many rebloggers and commenters pointed out, it would be nice to see life action Wonder Woman have genuinely amazonian built, like how Stjepan Sejic depicts her. Still, at the end of the day,

ill-suiting physique (unlike

tacky sexualized costume) is at least something that can be compensated with the actresses’s good performance.

A reader, @jarahamee, asked us to signal boost their new webcomic, 

Shining Ascension, which stars two well-suited warrior ladies on a quest together.
The story is just 8 pages in at the moment, but so far it looks promising, especially the gorgeous art.

The comic updates on Sundays. Its official tumblr is @shiningascension

~Ozzie & – wincenworks