Something strange haunts the neighborhoods of 19th-century London.  Weird creatures are wreaking havoc, and it doesn’t look good.  Who will people call?

I’m not sure what’s worse… the claim that this somehow any of this imagery is supposed to align with 19th-century London or the blatant attempt to get around copyright laws and profiteer off the upcoming Ghostbuster’s movie with an unlicensed “steam” knockoff.

Particularly since this is the promotional image we’ve seen for the Ghostbuster’s movie:


– wincenworks


Wow, this is by far the least steampunk thing which labels itself “steampunk” that we ever featured on the blog! And the competition is strong.
I mean, Mechanika and Legenderry Red Sonja look positively Victorian next to Steambusters!

Is there a single person in the world who saw that cover and noticed any connection to the XIXth century whatsoever?