Lady Fighters of Clovenshield


This week’s blog is on the fighter women of House Clovenshield, mostly because there were some awesome pictures from Pennsic of the group.  (This was supposed to post Friday, apparently the auto-poster thing decided not to.  Oops!)

While women are of course equally able to fight in the SCA as men, often women fighters are quite outnumbered by their male counterparts, and in some (hopefully rare or apochrophal) groups there is even talk of animosity towards women fighters.  Not so for House Clovenshield!  There were five lady fighters present in the group at Pennsic.  

1 Siobhan an Einigh, right after inspection, Pennsic 2015

This is me in my kit!  My persona is of an Irish woman from around 1030 CE, so my kit is mostly Nordic based.  Armor wasn’t really a thing for the Irish at the time, and what armor was worn was usually based off of other cultures.  I’m wearing a leather coat of plate made in a viking style, with metal shoulder-cops (that I made myself!)  Under that is a linen leine, or tunic, which covers my knees.  As we don’t actually want to hurt our friends, our swords are made of rattan, a kind of stick, and covered in duct tape. When out in the field, I’m also wearing a helm.

Of particular interest to me, however, is my shield.  I finished it just a few days before this picture was taken, and am particularly proud of it.  It is a La Tene style Irish war shield, and is made to the exact dimensions of extant pieces.  48" x 24" is quite huge when someone 5’2" is using it!  The shield is made of birch and fiberglass, with a canvas cover.  It worked quite well throughout the war!

2 Castle Battle, Pennsic 2015

And this is a line of battle.  That person in the red circle?  That’s me, fighting with my old kingdom of Calontir (the purple and gold folks).  As a shieldman, my job in battle is to defend the spears around me, then rush in with other shields to make a hole in the oposing line.  Tis quite fun!

3  House Clovenshield Lady Fighters, Pennsic 2015

And here’s a picture of the five lady fighters of Clovenshield, in our armor!  From left to right, they are Susan the Irresponsible (archer), Vixi (shieldman), Haelga (shieldman), me (shieldman), and Susan the short (shield sargent).  As you might gather, the lady fighters make up most of our shield line!

4 Silliness, Pennsic 2015

And to end with a bit of silliness, here are Susan and I after a battle (or between battles), being mature adults.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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Another example that people in SCA/LARPers all want the same kind of fun, including practical armor, regardless of gender.