Tidy-Up Tuesday #7

This week’s points:

Please keep in mind this blog’s main concern are female warriors. If you see some other type of female character gratuitously sexualized in media, consider whether it’s a more appropriate submission to our related blogs, like eschergirls

When you see people trying to defend boob windows with claims that kunoichi (they mean female ninjas) flashed their boobs to dazzle opponents – these people are literally citing ridiculous anime and Japanese grindhouse films as historical documents.  By the same logic, cars in America explode when they bump into any object.

As an expansion of this, if you see people citing the espionage technique known as the “honey trap” (or “honey pot”) as valid in combat – you can safely assume they have no clue how seduction works.

Things we covered before and got asked about recently:

– wincenworks & Ozzie

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