anscenics submitted:

Well I searched the blog and didn’t find anything about this so I guess I’ll submit it. The pyro from Team Fortress Classic was confirmed to be a woman named Beatrice in one of the comics (, content warning: the rest of the comic is quite dark and involves torture and mutilation). Yet her armor and flame-resistant suit does not sexualize her at all. She also is an older woman who has clear scars from battle, something not common with female fighter characters. It has been hinted that the pyro in Team Fortress 2 is also a woman, but not confirmed.

There’s an ages-long debate on whether or not Pyro, whose identity (including gender, ethnicity, sexuality*) remains forever undisclosed, counts as any sort of representation in the Team Fortress 2 ensemble. 

So it’s good to see Valve confirm the previous Pyro (originally from Team Fortress Classic) as a woman in their lore-expanding (and very much awesome) comics.


*Yup, we know Game Theory has an episode on that. And as usual, nope, we do not agree that MatPat is qualified to determine something like the character’s sex and sexuality based on surface-level pseudo-science and then cover his butt with “it’s just a theory”.

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