That time bikini armor went real life. Who could have guessed that this was actually a side project by a guy who was trying to make a game that turned into a legendary crowfunding disaster?

Their website is archived here, including a page where they later explained why these was “high-function” and “protective”.  Because the corsets were (allegedly) made of the same materials as military webbing.  What part of the soldier’s kit is webbing you ask?


Even Invista, the manufacturers of the Codura fabric quoted, don’t recommend it as material for protecting your torso against attacks, just as part of footwear and other gear.

This didn’t however, stop them being promoted as protective and even bullet-proof (check out the New York times column on them) even though they were essentially an awkward alternative to a tactical vest.  (Notice for the most part the models use everything but their corsets to carry their gear).

So it’s actually kind of a good thing that people weren’t receiving their orders, otherwise there could have been people out there expecting to get real protection out of what basically amounted to an overpriced, “empowering” nylon corset.  Because “empowerment”.

Do you see what bikini armor has done to this world?

– wincenworks