So apparently some of the Fallout fandom was upset that we called out Fallout Shelter and insisted that the Raiders were based off those in Fallout 3 and hence perfectly gender equitable.  This is of course, ridiculous for several reasons – the first and most obvious being bikini armor with a lipstick and a stylish bob haircut doesn’t really scream “raider” to anyone.

But more importantly, while there were gender equitable raiders in the Fallout franchise, they weren’t the Raiders (with a capital R) from Fallout 3 – those were practically iconic example of double standards.  As you can see the example above, the Blastmaster Armor, doesn’t even have iconic aspects of the outfit (such as the tire tread pauldron or the firefighter mask) on the female version!  Because why have a woman if she’s not pretty!

For the outfit to be gender equitable it would have to look less like that, and more like this:


So remember, just because you remember a few outfits in a game being pretty awesome doesn’t mean it has problems, big ones – and that other games in the franchise might be even more problematic.  Also remember that the apex of gender equality in armor in the Fallout franchise was the original games.  The games that weren’t afraid to show you female characters like this:


– wincenworks

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