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So, there´s this German medieval RPG called Drakensang, which generally has good armor/clothing for its female characters, some cleavage here and there, but nothing too outrageous.

And then you meet the villain Malgorra.


Malgorra`s outfit struck me completely by surprise and it was made all the more horrendous because the rest of the characters in the game are completely… well whatever Malgorra NOT is. (BTW, the woman in the Golden Armor behind Malgorra is the female PC in the game’s best armor.)

Apart from the issues with the top part of her dress, where did she even get the fishnets? I haven`t seen a single character in the medieval setting – other than her – who wears fishnets.

Her design really dispends the disbelief in this generally enjoyable game, not to mention that it gives us yet another iteration of the Sexy Mage Villainess ™. Very disappointing.

All images except Malgorra compiled from here.

I have to say, I’m personally not thrilled with the Amazon character either:


But both are still miles ahead of the concept art that they were using to promote the online game in the same franchise.

– wincenworks

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