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… And I thought the corset was awful. And there are a lot of things I’m not sure. By exemple, how much percent of the belly has to be uncovered to qualify as “naked” ? Same for the back ? Can a metal slab be considered as “breast support” ? If there is more clothe on arms and legs while the vital organs are not much protected by an excuse of armor, does it count as protection ? HELP ME !!!

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You know, I remember when Emma Frost first switched sides and hence artists started to experiment with getting away from putting her in the “standard attire” that seemed to be issued to the ultimate double standards society The Hellfire Club:


Since then she’s even had her own origin story series (which featured heavily sexualized covers that had no relevance to the stories within) and well.. numerous ridiculous outfits.  Marvel seems determined to ensure that the while her costume may change – it must always remain ridiculous and degrading.  Because how else can you know she’s a strong female character?

Strangely, the only time I can remember Emma getting vaguely decent outfits was during the 90s comic boom… because they were trying to stress that she was now a teacher at mutant school so had to be “respectable”:


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