Dit submitted to repair-her-armor:   

I made a zbrush sculpt from one of your blogs stuff


I made a zbrush sculpt from one of your blogs, few months ago. here you go

i also repaired it a bit.

I hope you like it.


Holy cow. I come back (sort of) from my hiatus to see this…! This is amazing! Seeing design being done in such a professional matter makes me realize that truly, indeed, this would definitely be something I’d see in games today. Think a MMORPG, a fighting game, a fantasy comic book heroine, an alternative costume for a “sexy pirate”. And to see this on a realistic woman makes things even more clear to me. There is so much potential in the design, it is absolutely beautifully done but, well, let’s just say imagining my privates having cold metal clinging to my body like that… *shivers*. Not to mention the questions I had for it in the original post.

The repaired version, though… I might just have literally dropped my jaw to the ground right now. I want to know more about this mysterious figure. I want to know what her story is, who she is, what she’s up to! Her outfit makes me so curious. And I genuinely would pay money to see this character star her own game. Can you imagine; an assassin that just left a masquerade? An adventurer entering the battle scene? Hooo boy. I need this.

(Also, from a character designer’s perspective; the repaired version is pure genius in terms of silhouette and placing of colors.)

Good work on this!

That’s one seriously impressive translation of Tica’s cartoon parody into a 3D render. A render that is creepily plausible in video game standards.

Oh the gold-plated merkin!

In case anyone wondered why we opted for the cartoonishly exaggerated winners in our horrible female armor design contest… that is why. Some of the more detailed entries, while gorgeous in their own right, hit a bit too close home and set off the Poe’s Law alarm, just like Dit’s sculpt does.

Also 100% agreed on the fixed redesign. THAT character deserves her own game.


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