yanase-miyuki submitted:

Honestly I think this will make you guys laugh a lot, I have seen a lot of terrible designs due to playing lots of different types of games, but I can say with confidence this one beats EVERYTHING I have ever seen so far. Even mere “leaf on nipples and genitals” makes more sense than this monstrosity here.

I mean good lord, it has a shoulder plate on one of her nipples. JUST ONE AT THAT.

I have no idea what tags to use from your tag cloud too, that’s how little sense this design makes to me so I apologize for that.

It’s yet unnamed character from an upcoming Fate series RPG, Grand Order. The trailer with this thing in an animated form is here and it’s hilarious. This design along with horrible animation is just…


I really struggle with the fact that not only is this the series that gave us the wonderfully armored Saber – but that these ridiculous outfits and Saber herself seem to make up most of that trailer.


– wincenworks

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