Presenting: Female Armor Bingo VER. 1.1!

Since the Female Armor Bingo premiered on March the 1st 2014, it actually got to be tested on dozens upon dozens of “armors”, which taught me where improvements might be needed. Hence today, on its first anniversary, I present the REVISED Female Armor Bingo!

Some squares have been reworded to better describe more female warrior outfits, while “Cameltoe”, which thankfully turned out to be less popular than expected, got replaced with “How does it attach?!” square. Some lettering also got resized a bit for reading convenience.

No square placement is different (as in, I didn’t rig the game so more bingos can be won on average), because, as we noted before, the scores are not a conclusive measuring device for costume design quality.
The game is not about the score (which is subjective, anyway), but about pointing out recurring sexist character design tropes and encouraging critique of them.
Also, leaving the squares as they are means there will be less confusion between the cards crossed in the past and the newer ones. Hence it’s version 1.1, not 2.0.

Version 1.0 is still available here in deviantArt scraps


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