ATTENTION ARTIST! the wonderful Amanda Sharpe came up with the idea to dedicate an entire week to the creation of hot fantasy dudes… or…


So for the week of Oct 26th – Nov 1st join us and crank out some hella objectified fantasy dudes and tag those beauties #MagicMeatWeek!!! 


So currently artists on tumblr are celebrating Magic Meat Week, the embodiment of what BABD’s sexy male armor tag is all about! 

We encourage all our artistically inclined followers to contribute to the #MagicMeatWeek tumblr tag with some supple fantasy manmeat. The world needs more objectified empowered fictional guys!

Usually we reserve beefcake for Fridays, but chances are, some extra sexy male warrior posts will get queued here this week, followed by highlights on Friday.

We’re happy to add magicmeatweek, the blog devoted to collecting all contributions to the tag, to our related sites section.


Finally! Someone cares enough about the empowerment of men to dedicate a whole week to encouraging people to create completely practical outfits for them!

It’s already have a few amazing pics posted – but there’s room for more!

No need to wait for Friday! This week you can be happy all week!

– wincenworks