Close-Ups on Detail of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Okay, the heels are weird.

But I am pretty encouraged. This looks like a Wonder Woman who kicks ass.

It is SO important to SO many people that they get this right. I hope they understand the responsibility they have to people, not just women, all over the world.

Speaking of life action Wonder Woman costumes… (full view here on dcwomenkickingass, thanks athelind for submitting the link to us!)

Well, that definitely could have been worse. Not surprisingly, she was still given a boobplate (even though it’s possible to make it better).
At least it’s not much less reasonable than Lady Sif’s (who set the standard for myth-based warrior women armor in superhero movies).

As Ms. Simone mentions, the high heels are… questionable. To me, moreso than the boobs. Those look hella uncomfortable!
The only positive about it, they’re on platform/wedge soles, so (unlike some other example) there’s less chance of breaking a heel while running around in such footwear… Won’t help against calluses, though!


Looking those boots I thought about the hideous things that Carrie Fisher had to wear in order to mitigate the height difference between her and Harrison Ford while shooting Star Wars.


But Gal is only only three inches shorter than Henry Cavill (Superman) who’s two and a half inches shorter than Ben Affleck (Batman).  So either Wonder Woman better tower over Superman… or everyone other than Ben better be borrowing Robert Downey Jr’s shoes.


On a side note, littlechinesedoll did a quick recolour which, while perhaps too bright, really helps make the costume look more like Wonder Woman and less like Xena.

– wincenworks