Why is “no helmet” in the bingo, I fo mock battles all the time and have little need of a helmet even though I own 3.


There is an extremely critical difference that you need to remember between mock battles and real battles.

People in mock battles are not only not trying to kill you, they’re actually take deliberate steps to make sure you aren’t injured!

In a real battle your head is particularly vulnerable and a high priority to protect for a variety of reasons:

  • Head wounds bleed really strongly, between blood in your eyes and problems from blood loss – a relatively light cut can be a death sentence
  • Your head is relatively unprotected compared to your other vital regions.  Even a glancing blow can do serious damage to organs like your eyes, nose, etc
  • Because it is on top of your body, your head is vulnerable to attacks from pretty much every angle except directly below it so it has more ways to get hurt
  • As well as being the end point for the common carotid arteries, your head also contains a vital organ known as the brain.  Serious harm to this organ can result in life long crippling and/or death.

Not wearing a helmet as part of artistic license is often employed with characters who are either not normally in armor, or who need to be recognizable as unique among many armored figures.

However it is also often employed with female characters because of the idea that unless a character has long flowing locks, warm kissable lips and a dainty little nose clearly on display – men won’t be able to tell the character is female (and hence they’re supposed to be attracted to her).

Basically prioritizing the sexualization and objectification of female characters over portraying them as competent, interesting people, etc.


– wincenworks