Lost Odyssey

actonthat submitted:


I was coming of Fable and feeling pretty good about playing a female character that could look and be whatever, however, and whereever I wanted, and needed a new RPG.

Oh, this Lost Odyssey thing is supposed to be pretty awesome.

Hey it even looks like there’s a chick on the cover. Let’s take a look at the characters…. oh.


God, this requires a bingo. This is one of the most ridiculous costumes I’ve ever seen.

The other women on the main cast don’t fare much better, although nothing is as WTF as that.


This one looks relatively bearable… until you see it from behind.


Here, have a random boob window!


And just to make us feel all fuzzy inside, here’s a sexualized child:


I decided not to buy the game.

The most horrifying thing about this game is that it was published by Microsoft exclusively on the X-Box 360, that’s the forerunner to the X-Box One – a console that’s for the WHOLE FAMILY to enjoy!

While checking up on this game I didn’t find a single mention by a professional reviewer about the costumes or the worrying sexualization of a child – but I did find a refreshingly honest review by a user on MetaCritic (of all places), here’s the most important part:


Well said.  Well said.

– wincenworks