Satsuki, the main antagonist in Kill la Kill, scored triple bingo and filled up 84% of the card.  I’m struggling to be surprised but I just can’t manage it.

My favorite part about Satsuki’s outfit, in comparison to Ryuko’s, is that while Ryuko’s is obviously some sort of sexified parody mix of school girl and samurai – Satuki’s looks like the designer just drew lingerie and then added the shoulder bits randomly and never revisited the design.

Also, allow me to pre-empt the incoming rhetoric I sense in the future (it always comes whenever Kill la Kill is criticized):

  • “It’s not armor, it’s a magical set of clothes that protects with like magic… MAGIC!” – It’s the form her clothes take exclusively for the purposes of battle, it’s armor.
  • “It connects to the politics and culture in Kill la Kill series!” – It connects to the politics and culture in the real world.
  • “It’s inherently part of the story!” – And what a strange coincidence that the story has to be centered around under age girls wearing hyper-sexualised clothing they’re uncomfortable in.
  • “There’s like a guy who gets naked, and some guys have magic outfits too!” – The guy with the glowing nipples is apologist comic relief, similar to male Witchblade, and the male magic outfits always focus on male power fantasies of eye candy.

And seriously, am I the only one who sees this as a super sexualized jet fighter gajinka cosplay? 

– wincenworks 

Wow… color me unsurprised 😛

The 84% square score puts her up with TERA armor (which won one bingo more), but none of them can compare to Fran who got a quadruple bingo with just 72-76% score!