Episode 4: Damsels & Dommes: The Fetishization of Female Armor

What do a codpiece and a boob plate have in common?

You’ll have to listen in to find out!

This week’s discussion, as per the awesome title of this episode, focuses on the cultural context of armor in video games — namely, the fetishization of female armor in video games, and really, female armor in general as it’s visually depicted/rendered, i.e. Boobs. Boobs everywhere.

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Music by P.L.X.T.X.

A podcast really worth a listen!

It touches upon many major things BABD talks about, like the double standard in armor design, the uselessness and dangers of wearing a boobplate and the fact that “default” armor is, in fact, a unisex design. It refers back to Ryan “Jabberwock” C’s article on lady armor.


edit: Sorry I forgot to put up some commentary when this reblog first published 🙁