So. I ordered the game Sacred (dated 2004) off of Amazon and received it the other day. I opened it to look at the races (it’s an RPG, if you couldn’t guess). Aside from some normal RPG guys and gals, this beauty stood out. She’s supposed to be a Seraphim. I don’t know where to begin with her issues. I just…PASTIES. That horse has some issues, too. There might be a re-draw in the future. XD

Losing a bet right before an important battle really sucks.

Y’know, looking at the bingo card you would never guess that there are games are supposedly safe for all ages (above 12) where the outfits are simply too ridiculous to win a bingo.  

It comes close to so many items but in the end… it’s just too ridiculous to really qualify. Amazingly she doesn’t seem to have high heels… the one item that would have some vague justification.

No wonder that horse is in a desperate panic to get away.

– wincenworks