High heel nightmares


You know, I seriously wish that 3D clothing designers would stop making “fantasy” outfits with ridiculous high heeled boots. I can’t count the number of really cool female fantasy costumes I’ve NOT put on my 3D model wish list because of that. If they’d at least have a second, low-heeled boot with the set, I’d be more willing to shell out for it. But having to dig through my archives to find bits and pieces to make up for the lack in proper foot wear really annoys me. And what the hell is up with making female armor with her vitals and major artery bearing tender bits exposed? I always have to do some second skin textures or layer something under to keep female armored characters from looking just stupid. I’m sorry, I like to make female warrior characters who can kick your ass in their spiffy protective armor and don’t have to rely on the cheesy “titties set to stun” method you assume they must be using in so much fantasy art. :-p