Poison Ivy’s Design Team has Clearly Never Touched a Plant

We’re going back in time a little with this one, as I was working on this at the same time that Ozzie was doing her Starfire redraw. With this one, I was mainly focusing on giving her an actually plausible costume for the Gritty and Realistic “aesthetic” (insert a few more quotes around that word) of Injustice 2. Wearing plants against bare skin sounds like a bad idea to me, so I instead decided to give her a sports bra and shorts, and a leaf dress on top. After all, Black Canary and Harley Quinn (and Catwoman, sorta) get to wear Real People clothes. Why does Ivy have to (ironically) get the rash?

I also wasn’t really a fan of the almost militaristic “plants should rule the world” motivation she has the game, so I decided to just make her into an overenthusiastic plant lover. Although her vine…. things, have bigger teeth, she’s got a bracelet and flowers on her sensible non-high-heel shoes, as well as moss on her legs so that the green is not restricted to only the top half of the design.


Her makeup was predictably hideous, so I reduced it and gave her a more defined face shape, though I should have given her deeper eye sockets. I decided to give her lip gloss instead of the cliche red lipstick, because I was thinking that if I was going to a fight, what kind of don’t-have-to-worry-about makeup would I put on in 5 minutes? Mascara and gloss were the ones.


I think with more time, I probably could have worked the design to be more interesting, with vines and flowers everywhere. As it is now, it’s a pretty simple design overall. I rendered the crap out of those frigging dress leaves though!


So, glossing over the potential issues with referring to them as girls… can we talk about how the outfits in this are leather catsuit fetish, fishnets and leather fetishwear, “jungle” themed bikini and “sexy pot plant” Halloween costume?

Combine this with Catwoman’s line about just wanting to get Batman’s attention and it’s… well, I don’t actually believe that the guys who put this trailer together really cared about the battles that would allegedly define them.

– wincenworks

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So a while ago we talked about Arkham Knight and in the comments discussed ways Poison Ivy could be made to look powerful and dangerous; or how to make her look powerful, seductive and deadly.

While I am not too thrilled with most of the other female characters in DC’s Infinite Crisis MOBA… when it comes to Poison Ivy I have to say:

Nailed it.

– wincenworks

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ May Be Game Of The Year – But There’s One Big Problem (contains spoilers)

While most critics are busy either wildly celebrating Batman: Arkham Knight or raging over the poor quality of the PC port, this article talks about a very important point – the inevitable diminishing of the female characters.

I feel it would be dishonest not to hold their costuming as at least partially accountable.  When developers put all their design focus on making the female characters appear sexy and exposed, then it greatly reduces the options for the kind of roles they can have in scenes.  The can either be:

  1. Vulnerable and some sort of device (decoration, instrument, prize or joke but never a person)
  2. Spectacularly over powered in a attempt to subvert the costume and play the “so badass their costume doesn’t need to make sense” card

Since Batman games always put Batman as the hero, it means there’s scant few opportunities for the second option and they usually only get one bite of the apple.  Ivy in Arkham Asylum, Catwoman in Arkham City and now in order to make Harley Quinn formidable (instead of the Joker’s puppet) they gave her what’s actually the most practical outfit in the series to date:


(Yes it is actually an upgrade on Arkham Asylum and Arkham City)

This is why video games, comic books and video games based off comic books can’t have nice things.

– wincenworks