robertskitch submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d):

Hi, I was playing ’Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure’ (a free-to-play game on Steam) and thinking that one of the characters had armour that wasn’t exactly practical, but then I came across this gem where the character actually comes out and says it. 

It’s okay though. She gave me a quest where I had to get her a helmet and shield to make up for all that…

Yet another hidden object game with a disappointingly bingo-worthy costume… Pretty sure she’ll stab herself to death if she as much as leans down

You know guys, if you want to have a fetch quest related to ridiculousness of female armor in games, maybe treat it with humor like Borderlands 2 did? Not with the “we know that you know that we know how awful her bikini armor is, so maybe instead of us fixing it, you go find her a shield and a helmet?” attitude. 

And as a cherry on top, she’s just another female archer clad in green boobplate. Gee, haven’t seen that before*, how creative


*Yes, that green archer lady trope is so prevalent I gave it its own tag.