Fire Emblem: Pantsening, Part 2

I seriously needed Icy’s last post to remind me where that character comes from! With all those anime-style underclad game heroines I can not tell anymore the difference between That Popular jRPG Which Panders to Perverts More With Every New Game, That Harem Thing With Undressed “Defeated” Sprites and That Sexy Flower Warrior Girl Hentai. Turns out it was the first one. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

So the character I worked with is Cherche, the wyvern rider. You can totally tell that this lady mounts a big scaly monster by the all the protection her legs get against the chafing, right? 


And then there’s the very practical bare back. 

It’s one of those very frustrating designs which you can tell were referenced from some real armor and had some interesting shape language incorporated, then at some point someone just went “FUCK IT, WE NEED TO SEE SOME SKIN!” and cut out a huge chunk of fabric in a few vital places. 


It’s a shame, because while I doubt the practicality of her perforated pauldrons and tassets, they’re very interesting visually and make her costume stand out so much better than the shmexy back and thigh cutouts do. 

So, of course, my main goal was to get rid of those holes and make it look like a full set of armor. While the pants demanded only to patch those holes with the color of the fabric, I figured that doing the same for the back would be boooring. So I decided to add a tabard, which would also be a splash of color this grey-navy design so desperately needs. I went for rosy pinkish color similar to her hair and lined with golden detailing based on the design on her axe. I’m quite proud of how it came out.


The shape of the tabard also helped to mask  the @eschergirls anatomy and not to make this picture all about her butt.

Smaller, but still relevant change was turning her weird batwing gorget (?) into a full helmet (with grilling similar to that on her shoulders and hips). It’s not supposed to be realistic of fully protective, but counts for something.
She, as an axe wielder, should really know that a lacy kerchief won’t protect her cranium from getting split open. 





He’s a dancer, so… 👀 
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@clarissadixonsart answering the important question: What if Fire Emblem Heroes had the same priorities for male character designs as they have for female ones?

Original design, for the record: 


Quality redo, @clarissadixonsart! Thank you for making it and all the other ones! We’ll probably revisit a few some other Fridays 🙂


Now he can show off his beautiful… legs! How empowering~ ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o) ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


Amelia in Fire Emblem Heroes

FEAnon submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d):  

So the character Amelia from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones was added to the inter franchise crossover, Fire Emblem Heroes in her General form, General being a heavily armored character class in Fire Emblem. 


In Sacred Stones, Amelia looks the part if she becomes an armored class, but something seems off from her Heroes depiction. 


Amelia seems to have forgotten not only leggings fro her armor, but pants. Maybe I’m missing something, but why wear heavy armor if your entire lower body is exposed? That pose and the camera focus is also real interesting of the artist. 


Male Member of the same class in the same game.

Lets try for a Bingo!

Unimpressive bingo score, but that just shows how close Amelia was to a decent female armor design before someone decided that a girl knight should go pantless, despite being heavily armored from waist up. 

Also wow, that second big image… Gratuitous upskirt shot while she suffers costume damage? Are we sure this is Fire Emblem, not Kanpani Girls

How sad it is that the only images of this character without randomly uncovered legs are low-res sprites from an older game… Gods forbid pants on a female warrior were more than a couple pixels high.