Epic NPC Man’s experiences as a witness to female player characters being subjected to literal bikinis as armor continue. At least a male PC actually also can wear it and feel empowered

Too bad such non-binary presentation is easily read a joke at a dude’s expense. BABD supports people of all genders right to wear any kind of clothing they find empowering or liberating, provided it doesn’t get them killed or lead to public indecency charges

There’s also one episode demonstrating how weird it is that skimpy armor somehow does magically deflect damage… Though it’s just an instance of an overly long gag that probably would work all the same if cut in half:

Or better yet, in a comic form.


If only the developers of these games were as socially aware as Epic NPC Man, they might avoid forcing him to hand out well… that.

At least he tried to avoid the embarrassing situation, which is more than we can say for so many developers with “fresh” ideas.

– wincenworks