Vayla and Joan for @nightpiercer

I do love me some ladies that are dressed and ready to kick ass. Destiny (and its sequel) is a game that’s been pretty good about their armors remaining functional when a woman wears them. The class distinction here is also very clear with the designs, even if Joan didn’t have a bow out. These women are clearly armored for different purposes. 

When the game first came out, I personally found their armors functional but boring from a design standpoint, but it seems they’ve been coming out with some Fun Things lately. We might talk about those sometime. ?


While, of course, a few of the usual offenders were present – overall there seems to be a trend of improvement in gender representation in games being nominated for awards.

Pictured above:

Even Until Dawn, a horror/slasher game with the obligatory shower/walk around in a towel trope, seems pretty good for depicting the women as dressing for the situation rather than the camera and a presumed straight male audience.

It really goes to show much you can accomplish when you’re not trying to fit worn out gender tropes and boob windows into everything.

– wincenworks