Fate Extella: Saber Attila, but not the same as the Earth one apparently

I know nothing about Fate lore and I honestly don’t have the time in my life to get into it all, but the wiki page on this character says she is Saber class, and also “different from the Altera of Earth,” (even though they look the same, even down to the clothes) so I’m taking their word for it. Don’t let me down now, fandom wiki!

We sometimes get mail from fans telling us that we’re just offended by the skin-showing, and we should get over it, but we’re honestly not like that. Just take my word for it. However. The original design for this one definitely offended me. A lot. So that’s why I picked it for our Saber redesign stream.

This is another case of me having to go back and finish what I started, at which point I just… started from scratch… I definitely do not have a problem. Here was my first attempt, based on a historical estimate of what Attila might have looked like (the records are less certain than for Nero, from what I found):


I ended up doing another Google search (when I went back to finish it) and found an interpretation with the helmet/coif combo that basically looked like her existing bangs and hair shape; so I decided to start over, this time trying to work more with the existing design elements.

There’s probably too much white in the final redraw, but I can’t be bothered at this point. #ITried. At least it’s actually wearable! This is now a Callout Post. Yikes.


Fate’s Red Saber Nero – No, you can not unsee it. You’re Welcome! 

Since Fate’s fandom is the way it is, I decided to dedicate a very special stream redesign to them! 

When we commented on Fate: Last Encore’s version of “Saber”, the fanboys predictably, as with many previous posts on that franchise, rushed in to explain to us that this is not the same Saber we used as a positive example before (Artoria, aka waifu King Arthur).
No, apparently it’s just a completely unrelated character who happens to look exactly the same, allegedly because the designer for the franchise has a fetish for this one particular appearance, affectionately referred to by fandom as “Saberface”. Which justifies the shitty sameface syndrome how…? ¯_( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠° )_/¯ 


[Yes, those are four different people in various parts of the franchise. Only two of them are related. And yes, there are plenty more Saber clones.

Also, Fate’s lore is an incomprehensible mess with no single continuity. If we were to fully explain that every time a new Saber with giant boobs or stupid butt window comes out, our posts would be ten times longer. 🙄 

So, considering that this here Red Saber (not confused with the one with spiky hair) happens to be emperor Nero, I decided to right that wrong and make it abundantly clear that this is who this character is supposed to be. 

Enter anime waifu Nero. 


While usually I redesign the outfit, leaving character’s face more or less intact, this time I’m leaving the body and the awful boob-and-ass-window (plus visible panties) dress entirely unedited. After all, it fits her personality, or so I’m told. It’s the exact same sexualized anime girl, except she happens to have the face of an ancient Roman ruler, neckbeard included. 

And if you respect Nero’s own choice of clothing, please don’t shame her choice to grow out a beard. She rocks that look so much harder than she did Artoria’s face and haircut. 


Obviously I used the most famous Nero statue as a reference and did my best to recreate the cell-shaded anime look. Which is also why I incorporated her original eyes into the new design. Of course she needs to remain consistent with Fate aesthetic. I’m not an art-ruining barbarian. 

Overall this was a really fun stream and I’m pretty happy with the results. Not likely to happen again, but who knows? 

Once again, YOU’RE WELCOME. 



delena-hupp submitted:

I’m not any good at being funny, but I needed to share this since it’s so perfectly bikini armour. Now, to preface, I’m not going to pretend that One Piece does its female characters and their clothing any kind of justice, since the longer the series goes on, the more clothing the two leading ladies lose… But then you have Rebecca… 


Who literally wears a chainmail bikini. And her signature fight style isn’t fighting at all, it’s dodging. That’s right, her key strategy, in those clothes, is evasion. How is she not dead? 

I can just see people going “But THAT’S THE POINT! Skimpy clothing compliments her fighting style!” at this.

First of all, as you said, dodging =/= fighting, so why the pretense of “warrior” outfit and weapon in the first place? Second, how does the use of dodging as a battle strategy guarantee you won’t ever get hit, and therefore won’t need actual protection?

And how is that scalemail bikini top supposed to work without a tit falling out?