@thegreqtlilac​ submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d):

To be completely honest, Summoners War probably has way worse cases of terrible female armor if you go through their monster collection, but what’s worse about this one is that she is the reward for getting through the second scenario area of the game, which means EVERYONE has her, so you have to see this monstrosity all the time. 

I always feel so weird about the clash of chibi AND “sexy” aesthetic. Trying to have a cake and eat it too.
There’s really not much to add about the costume itself, other than this being too painfully generic to even register. BUT it did strike a rare diagonal bingo, so congrats to Summoners War, I guess?
I am sorry for all the players who are subjected to multiple copies of this running around inside the game. 

Thank you for the submission! 


Weekly BABD Stream #97.5

Weekly BABD Stream #97.5


This week we’re continuing our work on Cassandra. Did her namesake foresee how awful a character with her name would look in later Soul Calibur games? ?

Slightly different link up above, but still the same multi-stream experience. Join us at our regular BABD time on Saturday at 10:30 AM PT / 7:30 PM CEST.

~Ozzie and Icy


Sorry for the late notice, guys 🙁 Internet is ded

~Ozzie & -Icy

Why A Street Fighter ‘Butt Slap’ Was Removed

Why A Street Fighter ‘Butt Slap’ Was Removed


So remember the outcry that somehow a zoom in shot of Rainbow Mika (R. Mika)’s butt slap was so critical to the game that it’s remove was an act of vile censorship?  Well we now have the official word from the Street Fighter team on what led to that memorable day:

“We didn’t make any change because of external influences,” he says. “Those changes came up internally. We decided to remove that because we want the biggest possible number of people to play, and we don’t want to have something in the game that might make someone uncomfortable.

The even better news is that those who were enraged that such an amazing act of censorship could occur have pretty much re-affirmed the point.  After a month and a lot of publicity, the petition only gathered 6,300 signatures (and at least one duplicate I noticed).  Most of these guys still don’t seem to believe that the developers actually decided on this change on their own…


and they’re probably all going to buy the game anyway:


I can’t imagine why the developers may choose to try to appeal to people outside of this demographic… oh wait, I can.

– wincenworks

Today’s throwback: reminder that “self-censorship” isn’t really a thing and maybe a developer doing the bare minimum to not alienate potential audience pre-release is neither “pandering to the SJWs” nor literally a vile act of censorship? ?



See also: Creative freedom masterpostJimquisition: Editing Versus Censorship | A list of accounts of “censorship” in video games, including Mika’s butt, that this @pointandclickbait​ article applies to:


Odin’s Boob Sphere Redraws: Gwendolyn 

I went into redesigning this with no idea who that character is supposed to be, and frankly, looking her up now, can’t say I’ve missed much back then. 

Can you believe she’s supposed to be a Valkyrie? Judging by her (and her sister’s, Griselda’s) design, Gwendolyn looks more like a really weird mashup of Odette/Odile from Swan Lake and lingerie model with random armor bits on legs… plus the ass wings.
Call me weird, but I never got the idea of putting wings on humanoid characters’ butts/hips/lower back instead of shoulders. It’s not like regular laws of physics apply either way, but this seems like a much less uncomfortable way to fly than with the upper back. 

Of course, first thing I did was move the wings to more conventional position, then copypasting her a brand new left arm, it fitted surpirisingly well. 


I kept the changes to the outfit to a minimum, giving her tights and expanding her frilly top, so that it doesn’t slip off her chest (both in matching yellow/gold). Also got her some pauldrons (edited from the armor on her thighs) and recreated from scratch a bit of her dress that was hidden behind the ass wing (quite happy with how I painted it). Another minor detail was changing her left shoe’s shape into something that doesn’t require foot liquification

Much less radical redraw than Icy’s excellent Velvet (who’s apparently Gwen’s half-sister), but I hope you guys like it! 


Black Lives Matter

As you are doubtlessly aware – there is currently a lot going on in the United States of America.  On top of a national struggle with the Covid-19, the fallout from the senseless murder of George Floyd has led to police attacking protesters, journalists and innocent bystanders throughout the nation.  There have been violence, arson a lot of questionable reporting by major outlets.

The violence and mistreatment that black people in the USA are subjected to daily is appalling, and responses from those in positions of power and authority are unconscionable.  Our hearts go out to those who are protesting and those who are simply trying to get by in a world where police respond to protests against police brutality are met with more police brutality.

If you’re far from the protests and feeling helpless, there are some things you may be able to do to help:

  • Amplify black voices when you see them speaking on the matter
  • Donate to organizations that are helping protesters directly (list below)
  • Actively look into what is going on and educate yourself through resources people are making freely available
  • Do share what you learn with non-black friends, family and communities

If you are not black, please do not:

  • Ask black people to explain things to you or tell you what you can do to help, there are a lot of people volunteering the information now
  • Center your feelings or opinions in these conversations; it’s rough for all of us but it’s literally life and death for the people under threat from the police and there’s already an unfortunate history of bystanders trying to make it about themselves
  • Share anything that you can’t verify, particularly if it’s reassuring good feels or suggesting this isn’t really a problem

Remember, this world is rough and it the best way for us to get through it is together.

~Ozzie, – wincenworks and -Icy


Matthew A Cherry and @isatrea have been maintaining a list of ways to donate to those that are helping protesters with bail bonds.

You may also want to consider donating to Reclaim the Block.

Critical Bard has created a thread of black folk, many of whom who have been working on fund raisers themselves, who would appreciate any financial support that can be offered.

If you’re looking for resources to better education yourself and others, Adrien Gbinigie (Escoblades), has a twitter thread linking to many books and sourcesincluding books for children.

You may also want to consider reading Taking Freedom: Yes, Black America fears the police. Here’s why.” by Nikole Hannah-JonesThe Long, Painful History of Police Brutality in the U.S.” by Katie Nodjimbadem or watching Last Week Tonight where John Oliver reported on Police Accountability and Sheriffs.