DC Supersexy Boys Part 1 – Green Arrow 

For our attempt at sexifying DC male heroes I managed to find this Green Arrow concept art for Injustice: Gods Among Us, which was surprisingly good material to work of off. 

For starters, he was already striking a vogue pose. And just look how easy it was to expose his male-presenting nipple with that giant armpit cutout!


I also widened that lacing in the middle of his chest… my regret is not replacing the yellow undershirt (?) with his skintone 🙁 


Since this was concept piece, not a final render for the game, the artist went wild with Ollie’s thicc thighs compared to tiny knees, so I also run with it! 

I shortened his tunic flaps, exposed the thigh skin entirely and used some particularly beefy reference for the musculature. Also, of course, made his codpiece much obviously bulge-shaped (while rather restrained compared to how big and detailed we usually make them). 
Also changed his shoes into high heels, as per usual 😉 

Hope you guys like it. I’m quite satisfied with the edits here, especially how they blend into the original’s painting style.


So I’ve been spending time in the female armor tag



New rule for female armor: if you design female armor and you wouldnt be willing to cosplay it, you’re making a mistake.

I’d like to propose an expansion of rule:

If you’re a guy and you’d wear it because “it’d be funny” but you wouldn’t respect a female cosplayer who wore it: You are a mistake.

– wincenworks 

Another caveat to the rule, inspired by an article we linked in the past: if a costume is (near*) impossible to replicate or too uncomfortable to wear for cosplayers – it fails as a costume. 


Honestly, if a cosplayer would need to use double-sided tape in order to maintain their decency while wearing your costume, maybe just… don’t.


*”Near impossible” only because cosplayers are amazing and can somehow make even the most absurd shit work on human bodies somehow. But at what cost?