astoralexander submitted:

Hi. I hope you don’t mind me sharing my own work. I tried to make these armors as realistic/functional as my minimal knowledge on the subject allowed me to. 

Of course we don’t mind! And I love both of these pieces very much. 

I’m happy to see Ciri dressed in appropriate armor instead of a shirt that’s unbuttoned right between the boobs (even when they go to a cold place and she wears a fur cloak), and the armor design itself is very nice. [Link to original post with close-ups!] I like that you can see the layering in the gaps. It’s a bit too symmetrical for me, but that’s more of a personal preference than anything.

As for the second piece, that could practically be used as a poster to recruit monster-slayers in a fantasy universe! It’s quite awe-inspiring, and I love your entire line of Classic Arcade Girls.

Thanks for the submission, and keep doing great work!


Star Sapphire in Justice League Doom

@avatarwill113 submitted: 

Wow. So she decided “I’m going to wear this pointless half-helmet that offers no protection, but I’m going to expose most of my upper torso, in a way which is hugely impractical for most mundane tasks let alone super-villainy”. Maybe she wants to show off her lack of bellybutton? 

Star Sapphire basically never gets a break from godawful costume. 

What upsets me the most is that animated adaptations usually veer on the safer (and less physically impossible) side of sexualized superheroine costumes (see: Angela and Dagger), thus old DC Animated Universe Star Sapphire just wore a leotard and thigh-high boots: 


The Justice League Doom one is just… ugh.


Legion of Doom, more like Legion of Skin. 

Nobody in this team has a bellybutton…

Also, apparently that purple star tattoo is where she stashed her powers. Observe.


Am I the only one weirded out by the casual way with which he just sticks his hand into another person? ( ಠ_ಠ) Not to mention, maybe put the crystal that holds all of your powers somewhere where a person can’t just grab it so easily. Then maybe she could wear a better outfit. 



I fucking love Monster Hunter World but this fucking infuriates me

MH have ALWAYS had a sexist issue with how they treat their female armor design, and World hasn’t gotten rid of this problem completely

Oh yeah and that fantasy stripper armor is supposed to be fire resistant

Thankfully a lot of their other female armor designs look really good

*Heavy sigh* Seems like World continues (if not downgrades even more) Monster Hunter’s inconsistency in gender-equal design. 

See, this is why we refuse giving credit to costumes in games like MH and Guild Wars 2. Just because the double standard is occasionally avoided, it doesn’t excuse all the rest of generic boob/belly/thigh/butt cutouts that female armor gets and male doesn’t. 

Also, this particular one? PAAANK, because how else could we affirm this is supposed to be female character? It’s not like pants were taken away from her already and she runs around in a literal bra and nothing more on her upper torso. Nope, not female-coded enough; needs pink.