Signal Boost: Capes and Whips

Fellow blogger and critic of male gazey media, capesandwhips, has been really suffering financially due to circumstances beyond their control.

A full explanation is up on their main blog – however the long story short is that due to a combination of disability, bureaucracy and plain bad luck they are in desperate need of about $200 before the close of the month.

If you’re able to help and live in the US, it’d be really cool if you could donate some funds via their Venmo (most economic and efficient method):

If you’re not in the US, or can’t use Venmo for any reason, they’re also able to accept PayPal payments:¬†ittousagi@hotmail com

Any help that can be offered at all would be greatly appreciated and directly contribute to keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Finally, if you like what they do and you’d like to help support their writing they have a Patreon page. ¬†Payments are made monthly for each article published, but when you pledge you can set a monthly ceiling to avoid unexpected expense.

– wincenworks